Asylum Coffin Company - Halloween Coffins and Haunt Accessories

No two coffins are alike!

These coffins are solid wood construction with removable lids.   We use naturally aged wood to add to the creepiness and originality of the coffins.   

Upon request, and for an additional charge, we will treat your coffin with Interior Class B or Exterior Class A Superior Flame Retardant solutions that meet or exceed all existing and current federal, state and local fire safety code requirements, as well as industry standards.  Call for details.

Pest free treatment and certification also available upon request and for an additional charge. Call for details.


Adult Coffin

Our original adult coffin is 6 feet tall
and comes with 2 rope handles on each side.  No two coffins look alike.  

We use the originality of the wood to create creepy effects on the lid, such as gaps, cracks or color variations.  Solid lids with no gaps are of course available.   

Color choices of Silver, Brown, Red, White and variations thereof are subject to availability of wood.  We will confirm at time of order.


 w/cross  $425.00


Adult Coffin Lid only



Child Coffin

3 feet tall
No rope handles

Color availability same as Adult Coffins


 w/cross $300


Child Coffin Lid only


  Photo courtesy of Winchester Mystery House, San Jose, CA




Hearth Coffins

These smaller versions of our creepy coffins are so versatile!

  • Great decoration for your fireplace
  • Front porch scenes
  • Add flameless candles for a primitive  looking wall sconce
  • Table-top decoration or center piece
  • Add one of our creepy dolls or some animal bones for an awesome effect
  • Even makes a great dish for trick-or-treating or devilish goodies at a Halloween Party!

24" Coffin       $50

21" Coffin       $40

18" Coffin       $30


Hearth coffins do not come with lids.




Retail Display Case/Bookcase

What an original way to display merchandise at your haunted house, retail store, or show booth.

You can also use it as a shelving unit or bookcase at home for some killer Halloween decor!

These custom-built display cases are built to order with up to five shelves in the adult display case. Child coffins can comfortably showcase one or two shelves.


Adult Display Case    $450

Child Display Case   $325


Lids are additional upon request.












We have an assortment of accessories for the coffins, to add “that something extra sinister” to your scene.



Real, icky, clanky, rusty lengths of chain cut to fit the adult or child size coffin.


(Subject to availability)



Don't forget the all-important sharp and scary tools.  These tools are real, rusty and sharp, and make great static props.  

$25.00 each

 (Subject to availability)

Creepy Dolls

We have a variety of porcelain or plastic dolls that are a must-have in your haunt!  These dolls fit great in our hearth coffins or as an addition to the child coffins.   




Ordering Information

To place your order,

Call Brian at 815-501-2456 or email at



Contact us for pricing!

We offer personal delivery within the northern Illinois area. This area includes the Quad-Cities to the west, Chicago to the east, I-80 to the south and Milwaukee to the north. If you are close, but just outside this area, let us know – we may still be able to make it work. We also work with area trucking companies to find you the MOST cost-effective way to ship. We NEVER want shipping costs to prohibit you from getting the Asylum Coffin you want!


The Dreaded Disclaimer

Our coffins, chains and accessories are not to be mistaken for, or used as, toys. These are authentic, solid wood, coffins for entertainment purposes only. The tools are real and may contain sharp edges and/or rusty surfaces.   We are not responsible for any accidents and/or injury due to use or misuse.