Asylum Coffin Company - Our Story


Scaring people is fun! 

A few years ago, after getting some old wood, I had the idea of building a toe-pincher coffin for decorating the front yard. I built two of them… an adult-sized one, and one child-sized. We painted wooden tombstones and crosses, added a rickety fence and creepy accents like eerie tree limbs, bones, dead leaves, and weathered corn shocks. Slow rolling fog, subtle back lighting and haunting sounds completed the scene. “Hub Hollow,” as our haunt is called, is now a Halloween tradition.

That first year we had a lot of visitors to the yard. When they kept coming back with cameras and video cameras, we knew we were on to something. A few days later, they came back again… They didn’t want candy, they wanted a coffin! The requests kept coming in, and Asylum Coffin Company was born.

We continue to grow as word spreads about how unique our coffins are! The child-size is the creepiest because there is just something macabre about a small coffin that sets people on edge. It probably didn’t help when we added a real ‘old-time’ photo of a mother and child hanging on the cross above the pair of coffins. One elderly lady walked by and stopped dead when she saw the coffins. After taking it all in, she shook her head and said “that’s just not right.” I knew I had hit a nerve.

Yep, like I said… scaring people is fun!